Stefanik’s No Votes

Short List of Stefanik Claims and “Nay” Votes on Bills that Passed

Supports Veterans

  • Voted No on HR 3967 (Expands VA healthcare for exposure to burn pits)
  • Voted No on HR 4673 (Automatically enrolls veterans in the VA healthcare system)
  • Invests in the North Country
  • Voted No on HR 3684 (Federal funding for highway repair/construction, bridge safety/repair, and water systems updates\repair)
  • Voted No on HR 5376 (Invests in domestic energy/manufacturing, reduces carbon emissions, allows Medicare to negotiate for prescription drug prices, expands the ACA)
  • Voted No on HR 1319 (establishes additional relief to address the continued impact of COVID 19 on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals and businesses)
Yard signs: Elise Voted No on Vets' Burn-Pit Healthcare; Fixing Roads and Bridges

Protects Democracy

  • Voted No on HR 5314 (Addresses issues involving abuse of presidential powers, accountability and transparency)
  • Voted No on HR 5746 (Expands voter registration efforts and increases voting access via vote-by-mail and early voting
  • Supports small business owners
  • Voted No on HR 3807 (Funding for restaurants and other food/beverage purveyors in response to COVID)
  • Advocates for NY 21 constituent’s health care
  • Voted No on HR 3 (Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2018, authorizes HHS to negotiate
  • prescription drug prices)
  • Voted No on HR 6833 (The Affordable Insulin Act, caps cost to patients at $35 per
  • month)
Cartoon of Stefanik using a aw enforcement flag to stab FBI in the back
Credit: Marquil, on Twitter @EmprieWireNY

Advocates for Women

  • Voted No on HR 8373 (Guarantees a right to use contraceptives)
  • Voted No on HR 8296 (Women’s Health Protection Act)
  • Voted No on HR 2119 (Funds emergency shelters and supports related assistance for victims of domestic violence)
Yard signs: Elise Voted No on Lower Insulin Prices; Reproductive Freedom

Protects Consumers

  • Voted No on HR 7688 (Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, prohibits
  • exploiting an energy emergency by selling fuel at an excessive price or increasing
  • prices unreasonably)
  • Protects our children
  • Voted No on HR 2339 (Prohibits marketing, advertising or promoting any electronic nicotine delivery system in a manner that appeals to an individual under 21 years of age)
  • Voted No on S 2938 (Bipartisan Safer Communities Act which appropriates funds for commons sense gun reform)
Stefanik cries crocodile tears over Uvalde shooting.
Credit: Marquil, on Twitter at @EmpireWireNY