Mission Statement

VISION: Adirondack Voters for Change supports changes in government and in our society as a whole that give all people equally the right to a safe and adequate standard of living while embracing diversity in all respects. This includes the rights guaranteed in our nation’s Bill of Rights. Further we support a more equal distribution of wealth and income, access to healthcare for all, a clean, healthy environment, renewable energy and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, both domestic and international.

MISSION: The mission of Adirondack Voters for Change is to promote changes in government and our society that reflect Progressive values and protect those that already exist. We are issues-oriented and seek to achieve change through citizen engagement. We work through the means of the United States’ democratic system and hold it accountable for caring equally for all people, protecting the environment of our earth, as well as striving to solve all problems through the peaceful means of dialogue, education and consensus.

Adirondack Voters for Change works to accomplish our mission through holding open community meetings and exchanges and informational presentations, expressing our viewpoints and those of like-minded individuals and groups through the use of letter-writing, phone-call and other media campaigns and organizing or sponsoring peaceful protests and marches.