Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Committee Chairs
Sue Abbott-Jones
Phyllis Sinclair

2023 Reports


The main project that we are working on is an essay contest for people 13-18 years old and people 19-25 years old sponsored by Adirondack Center for Writing and supported by AVFC Community Engagement Committee. The topic is My Dreams for My Community.

ACW will, with our guidance, set up the format, rules, and timeline for the contest and promote it on their website and elsewhere. ACW will create a form for essay submissions and conduct a workshop for each age group. The Community Engagement Committee will finance prizes, choose judges, set the geographic area for the contest (the counties within the Adirondacks), and decide where the event awarding the prizes will be held and how it will be run.

The contest will run from April 15 through June 17. The final event will be held late July or early August.

2022 Annual Report